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When the Bough Breaks

Alexis Arralynn

When the Bough Breaks (WTBB) is a podcast for those who find themselves estranged from one or more family members. Guests call in the show to discuss the events that led up to their estrangement and share their experiences throughout their journey. Guests also include psychologists, family counselors, life coaches, writers and more! Alexis Arralynn, creator, producer and host of the show is one of the few podcasters willing to tackle this difficult and often painful topic. She realizes that one important step toward healing and recovery, is vulnerability. Alexis has opened up about her own personal journey of estrangement in several episodes. Alexis Arralynn is, has always been and will proudly remain your dedicated creator, producer and host of When the Bough Breaks Podcast. “Thank you dedicated listeners for ALL your support and hard work behind the scenes. I do this not only for myself but for you all. Much love, Alexis Arralynn.”